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Welcome, friends.

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Finally, after years of being hiatus off the blogging world - I. AM. BACK!

I have deleted all of my old blogs and whatnots because let's be real - who we were a couple of years ago will be the highlight of our embarrassment now. Can't relate? Consider yourself lucky.

I took a few years off for myself to reflect and to figure out my next move. The last time I blogged, I was in a place of uncertainty and confusion due to my indecisive nature of WHAT I WANT TO DO IN LIFE coupled with "the grass is greener on the other side developing country millennial problems" STILL can't relate? Sorry, we can't be friends.

After years of excruciating #lessonslearned, having nothing to say for myself, BIG DECISIONS, sleepless nights and overtime working, I can safely say that I have sort of figured it out and have something to say! *Applause*

Many things have happened to me - good, bad, terrible, wonderful!

I have learned many many things along the way, about myself, about what I want to do, about THE WORLD & dealing with rebellious non-conforming nature ; I won a study grant, moved to the UK, suddenly had to come back to KL (it all happened very fast) then started a design company, a lifestyle brand (Project Mirro), and now I am lecturing? I was also in a BBC video on the most momentous day of the history of Malaysia where I wrongly pronounced a word that I only realized later on when I watched the video and the grammar nazi in me died a little but whatever don't sweat the small stuff I was more appalled at my double chin (we can talk about all my insecurities later)

I moved back to my parents after a decade of living away from them (#AsianParents #OhMyGod) I've managed to control a lot of things about my life that I felt were out of control i.e childhood trauma's and its impact on your adult psyche (my favorite topic of all time) LIBERATED myself from society's standards of what it means to "Have a Good Life As A Woman In Malaysia" and the usual random mundane life issues we all struggle with : time management, improving lifelong lifestyle habits and most importantly "How to Design Your Life According To Your Rules" Cliché, I know, I am starting to sound like a lifestyle coach - but you know what, I have learnt to EMBRACE what I like to write about, and stop feeling insecure about who I am, what I like to do and what people think aka "apa orang kata"

In this blog I will discuss the above topics - what I did right, what I did wrong, how we can do better, coupled with topics related to Art and Design - because that is basically my life now.

It took me a long time to get to this level of confidence to speak up again and put it on the internet. I was thinking and reflecting so much during these few years. I tried to write, but nothing substantial came out of it. I tried to vlog, but I shudder at the sound of my voice.

I know people don't blog anymore, but like I said - I am embracing what I like - and that is, WRITING. WRITING IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. I express myself the best through words, not through videos or pictures. You can see that via my Instagram, where I try very hard to post nice content but in the end it looks very whatever.

Truth be told, I miss blogging days where everyone used to write. It wasn't something that only bloggers did - everyone wrote their thoughts and shared their life! Remember those days? We still sort of do that on Instagram - write a lengthy Insta post with a pic that somewhat relates to our thoughts - but I don't really do that, I don't like typing on my phone nor do I read lengthy posts on Instagram (sorry)

Anyway, if you are new to my blog - WELCOME. It will be a little different this time because I will have some structure and I will STICK to the topic and not go off and rant about nonsense! (I will still do that but I will categorize it under "nonsense ranting")

I can't wait to start writing in this blog again and fill it up with all the nitty gritty life things we all love to bury in the back of our mind because we are too busy trying to live an almost perfect life. I WILL discuss sensitive topics, like LGBTQ, religion, politics, culture and everything in between. If you're the type that gets easily offended, I will try my best to offer you a new perspective in life that you can simmer in, and if it's not your thing, it's okay, because it is OKAY to have different opinions (just NOT okay if your opinion harms people) And if you are a makcik bawang / pakcik bawang stalking me (since I am related to a bazillion of them) please do read my blog and perhaps learn a thing or two about compassion, acceptance and hope is to bridge an understanding between the old generation and the new.

The purpose of this blog is to spread ideas, create awareness... to help anyone seeking for some life answers and for me to share my thoughts on certain subjects I feel strongly about. It's also where I update the internet world about my day-to-day life things, that I believe should be THE highlight of our life - not just our holiday trips, achievements, things we bought etc. I like to celebrate the small things in life because that is what matters in life. The small things in life make up 80% of our life, whereas the 20% are the big events. If we can learn to love the 80% more than waiting for the 20% to happen - WE HAVE ARRIVED!

I will write more on that in my next posts. For now, I have loads of cleaning to do because THAT IS LIFE! Life is about cleaning and organizing and doing that again and again. Yes, let's celebrate CLEANING. Honestly if I ever make loads of money, first thing I would do is hire professional cleaners to organize my room and closet because it takes TOO. MUCH. TIME! Time I don't have, unfortunately. Grrr.

Goodbye people! Have a good day.


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