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Life Update : 1

There's really nothing much to update aside from my newly added goals for this year :

1- Write a short story and submit to any writers association with call outs for submissions - doesn't matter which one, any would do (most likely Malaysian writers association)

I used to write a lot in my free time but alas I HAVE NO FREE TIME. Adding this as my goal for this year means that I would have to schedule in time to write. To make myself accountable, I will have weekly meetings with another 2 friends who are also keen on submitting a short story for this year. Let's hope this actually happens and not just hangat-hangat tahi ayam. I am beginning to feel restless just painting & reading all the time. I need to mix up my hobbies and work on other skills.

I don't consider myself a ~good writer~ but I am going to do it anyway and see what happens. I have a lot of good stories, but my grammar and vocab needs to be improved (it's okaylaaaa but not literature professor level) As such, I will read "heavier" books this year that are usually deemed a difficult read. Looking at my book collection, I actually have loads of those already, but this time around, I'll jot down specific words I come across to memorize them and potentially use them for my own writing. I should've started doing this ages ago, but I tend to get hooked on the story and forget to do everything. Also, I need to EXPAND & EXPLORE writing styles. I'm annoyed at my own writing. It's grade school level when it should be university level. WHAT IS GOING ON? It's not coming out of me like it used to. UGH.

On to my next goal :

2- Move into a nice house with friends.

I've been looking around for the perfect studio, but I haven't found any that SPEAKS to my soul. My sister suggested I move in with another 3 friends - something we have wanted to do since forever but we've never been in the same place for long periods of time. So now, I am considering this option too. My biggest issue with studio hunting is the lack of light. A lot of the places i've visited lack light and it's impossible to mix paints or do work in that type of space. My real estate agent is probably already annoyed at me because I'll schedule meetings at different times of the day just to see how the light looks.

What I need is a co-working space for artists. Can someone start one already? I have no time to manage such projects but I would love to be apart of it. A lot of tech companies have co-working spaces but none for artists. I found a few but they are more like "gallery-spaces" and not co-working spaces where I could actually do work in my own space, create a mess, with coffee and internet all provided for. It's not that difficult honestly. All we need is a warehouse / shophouse, internet, printing machine, cleaner, and cubicles / space dividers - I mean, just a space, essentially.

I am not a big fan of open offices. I can't seem to concentrate on my work because I talk too much. I need to be locked inside, alone, with nothing else but my tools in order for me to stop procrastinating and actually start working. It's a struggle. So if im going to join a co-working space, I'll need my own room within the space. It'll be SO AWESOME if this could happen.

Anyway, that is all for life updates. If anyone knows of a great studio space around Hartamas / Bangsar area please do link it my way.



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