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Nelissa Hilman X Project MIRRO : #PotretRaya 2019

For Raya 2019, I collaborated with Nelissa Hilman on her Raya campaign #PotretRaya, inspired by the movie PULANG.

I designed a the backdrop for the campaign lookbook, the Raya packets, and the sole design for Nelissa's ZALORA Raya campaign.

This campaign is one of the first brand campaigns I've done since i've decided to explore art full time. Nelissa is someone I've known for some time, back when I was still doing Business and Marketing. She told me a story about how she quit Chemical Engineering to pursue shoe design in Florence. I was very inspired by her story - in fact, it made me realize that it is possible to go for what you want and pave a less travelled path. A few years after we met, I quit my job to pursue Textile Design. I am forever grateful to Nelissa not only for being a source of inspiration, but also for inviting me to collaborate on the campaign. Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase my artwork Nell! (muah)

I loved the experience of this whole campaign creative process, and I have met so many wonderful talented creatives who worked on it with me! Amani, Aida, Haida, Xia Yi to name a few.... Super inspiring, talented ladies!

I've learned so much about myself and my work doing this campaign, and I am looking forward to collaborating with more brands in the future!

Behind the scenes

Initial drawings and color studies. Some of my initial artworks were rejected as it didn't fit with the theme of the campaign. I understand now that I must make it a point to question all my clients and collaborators on their vision to make sure I truly understand their direction.

Initial sketch of "Rumah Kampung"

Painting using acrylics on paper. Color studies research.

Original artworks of the Raya packet and Raya packets.

Also turned the prints into cushions!

Original artwork of the backdrop design used for the Raya campaign and some BTS shots of painting the backdrop.

Nelissa Hilman #PotretRaya campaign shots. Gorgeous!

You can read more about their campaign here

The backdrop in-store at Nelissa Hilman's outlet at Bangsar Village 2.

The ZALORA x Nelissa Hilman x Project MIRRO campaign for Raya.

You can see it online here.

For those who don't know, ZALORA was my first job out of university. I was the PR and Social Media Executive. Life is strange! You really cannot predict where your future lies. I started off writing social media captions, and now I am designing products for them.

Campaign video for ZALORA x Nelissa Hilman.


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