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Bad painting day

Today has been a bad painting day. I bought 3 new round canvasses and I butchered it. I tried to paint without mixing colors, I wanted to see if I could mix colors along the way. I thought this method would help me discover new colors and whatnot BUT NOPE, this is a terrible method for me.

I am a planner, and will always be a planner, and I must embrace and accept, that my paintings look better if I spent 2 hours mixing paints for a specific color palette.

Even though that method works every time, its boring. It feels mechanical to me, like im about to do another commissioned painting. There's nothing new to discover, everything has it's place and all I gotta do is execute.

I'm trying to break away from this way of creating and explore other methods that are more enjoyable for me. Something that makes me feel WOW every time I put the brush on the canvas. I dont know what is WOW at this point but I believe I will know when it's happening.

It probably doesn't help that my sister is blasting Coldplay in the house today, and as much as I love that band, it makes me depressed, and everything i'm painting looks depressing. I am blaming the music for this bad painting day.

I can see my canvas out of the corner of my eye and i'm fighting the urge to throw it outside and give it a high flying kick. I don't like anything about it.

Textures, colors and composition is off.

This is what happens when im not in the mood to paint and I force myself to do it.

I'm gonna attempt to save this painting and call it a day.


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