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Organizing my work / mood boards and more

I've decided to clean the studio again - this time, to add 4 "proper" mood boards for display. It was getting hard for me to get inspired, and I stuck it out for a couple of days but I kept messing up my paintings, and then I decided - something needed to change!

I am so annoyingly affected by my surroundings, and the studio wasn't very inspirational. My mood boards were bare, as i've taken down all my previous work, and all my past work were kept in folders, boxes, and drawers - when all of them should be outside, out for display.

I spent 2 days re-organizing all my work, deciding what "sparks joy" and what does not - and discovering that I actually had more artwork done than I thought I did - they were all just forgotten in a folder somewhere.

In the beginning I tried organizing my work by style, but it wasn't working as my style is always different every time I start a new project. In the end, I organized all my artwork by color and mood. I learnt so much through this experience - my first "Art Audit". First of all, I discovered that I keep painting the SAME THINGS over and over again. I never thought that I had a particular "style" but it was very obvious after everything was laid out on the floor.

Secondly, I discovered that I clearly have a particular color palette I like working with (all shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow - PASTEL, teal, dark blue) And third, I have no idea why, I seem to really like FLOWERS. My prettiest paintings are always of flowers and plants. I tried the Marie Kondo method with all my artwork, picking them up, touching them, asking myself DOES THIS SPARK JOY? - and I can't deny it any longer - I am truly a "Floral Queen". I am not sure why I don't develop that area more. It's the easiest subject matter for me to draw, but I keep trying and exploring other things because flowers is "too easy" for me.

I remembered a talk I attended back in uni- a UAL Chelsea alumni was talking about her "style". She said "your own unique style will come really easily for you, naturally, without force - when you discover it, you must explore and develop it even further. It may be easy for you to execute, but it wont necessarily easy for others to do so"

Perhaps flowers, or "abstract flowers" is my calling? I am not sure why I am resisting this to be my "style" or theme of choice. I hate making decisions about what type of "artist" I am. My "art life" is a journey anyway, whatever I produce is a moment in my life at that particular time.

Aside from flowers, I also paint a lot of textures and patterns. Obviously, patterns and mark making are the bulk of my work as I use those for all my products. In these 2 months I plan to choose the best ones to put up on the website as new prints, new fabric, and create a fabric book to send over to clients and potential partners. I have identified a few designers/brands I would loveeeee to collab with, so I cant wait for my swatchbook to be ready!

Now that the studio is all organized, inside out, moodboards and all, I foresee a very creative 2 months ahead. My creative block is automatically OVER, today I painted 2 very successful paintings as a result of the mood boards. ALL I NEEDED WAS TO CLEAN THE STUDIO.

I swear, this Marie Kondo lady knows what's up. A room's energy can affect you more than you know - if something is not working - change it up!

I will post up some of my new work pretty soon on here. I already have a new area thats bright enough to take clear pics of my artwork.

EXCITED! Lots of things coming up for MIRRO, I dont even know where to start!

Till next time!



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